Space Data Science Lab

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Set up using the kind donations from Antrix Corporation Limited

About Us

With the financial contribution given by Antrix Corporation Ltd. as part of the CSR donations, IIT Dharwad, Karnataka, India has setup the Space Data Science Lab highly equipped with latest tech-sufficient tools and technologies. Further promoting the research and development among the research scholars and the undergraduate students of IIT Dharwad in the field of Space Science and Technology, this dedicated lab abbreviated as SDS lab provides with the necessary environment and tools. There are many underlying areas which needs to be explored and researched using the space data made available widely and find solutions to it using state-of-the-art methodologies. The objectives of the SDS lab are:

  • To carry out fundamental research, develop and implement novel data processing/analysis algorithms for processing space data.
  • Train human resources in the area of space data processing to meet the market demand of the space research, entrepreneurial and industrial sectors.
  • Space data cleaning, standardization and repository formation and provide access to the researchers, startups and industry in the space domain.


facilities in the lab

State-of-the-Art GPU Facility

High Definition Data Visualization Wall

Workstations and Dedicated Lab Space

Current Projects

Current Projects

Variable Climatic Patterns Affecting Agricultural Sector


Aims at studying the structural pattern of variations in the short-term and long-term climate and geographical changes, better planning for upcoming natural calamities and man-made disasters.

Current Study Area:

Drought Assessment and prediction, untimely rainfall patterns, reducing the effects of drought on life and agriculture, crop management, developing anti-drought strategies for drought-hit areas of Karnataka.


Using AI/ML for early short-term/long-term drought prediction, developing a drought- alarm for better pre-preparedness to tackle the natural disaster.

Associated Personnel:
  • Jyoti S. Shukla : Research Scholar
    MS by Research in EE
  • Rahul J. Pandya : Supervisor
    Asst. Professor

Water Crisis


Aims at studying the water scarcity, inaccurate water budgeting and management by analysing the water density in river bodies, streams, lakes and other water bodies, planning for improving water conservation strategies

Current Study:

Water depth estimation in water bodies using Bathymetry, water resource monitoring and management, Exploratory analysis of river pathways diversions


Satellite data derived bathymetry process using AI/ML, working collaboratively with CWPRS Pune and engineer-in-chief of Karnataka for bathymetric survey of major dams in Karnataka.

Associated Personnel:
  • Girish Kumar Gupta : Research Scholar
    MS by Research in EE
  • Rajshekhar V. Bhat : Supervisor
    Asst. Professor

Western Ghats Diversity


Aims at studying the flora and fauna diversity of the western ghats or the sahyadri mountain range, studying the drop in genetic diversity and soil erosion, human-wildlife conflicts

Planned intervention:
Develop machine learning models for:
  • Analysing the recent changes in the biodiversity and soil erosion
  • Rainfall and water source data analysis
  • Analysing human and wild animals conflict challenges and issue advisories in the region of Karnataka‚Äôs Western Ghats using space and drone data


Girish Kumar Gupta

MS Student, with Prof. Rajshekhar Bhat

Jyoti Shukla

MS student, with Prof. Rahul Pandya

Other UG students

We have several undergraduate students who are a part of the Space Data Science Club, a club associated with the lab. The members of the club actively collaborate on projects and conduct various activities.

Prof. Rajshekhar V Bhat

Assistant Professor : Electrical Engineering IIT Dharwad

Prof. Rahul Jashvantbhai Pandya

Assistant Professor : Electrical Engineering IIT Dharwad