We can now partner to make impact in the society

The partnership between industry and academia is crucial for each other’s benefit and for creating a strong societal impact. Accordingly, there is a close collaboration between industry and academia through various programs such as internships, campus placements, sponsored projects, work-integrated learning programs and consultancy. The recent mandate by the Government of India on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) spending by corporates has opened up yet another exciting opportunity for further strengthening the partnership between industry and academia, especially the IITs, including IIT Dharwad.

IIT Dharwad provides a unique opportunity for corporates in creating a societal impact via CSR activities. Being a new Institute, it brings in an environment of great energy and enthusiasm through the young and highly qualified faculty members, and allows flexibility to align with the CSR objectives of corporates. Moreover, the location of the Institute, in the northern part of Karnataka, affords an opportunity to work for the development of this region in various areas, such as education, agriculture and health-care. There is thus a greater scope for carrying out CSR activities through our valued partnership. Finally, IIT Dharwad being a premier Institute in the region, there is a scope for deploying various facilities, which can be accessed by surrounding educational institutions for teaching and research.

We, at IIT Dharwad, call on corporates and industry to partner with us in identifying the societal problems that require technological intervention and to provide a technology driven solution for those problems. Please find the brochure here: Click Here".