Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was started in the year 2016, the same year IIT Dharwad was established. Currently, the department offers a four-year B.Tech. programme at the undergraduate level and research programs, a) MS (by Research) and b) PhD.

Our faculty research broadly categorized into three spines namely, a) theory (logic, graph theory), b) systems (computer architecture, computer networks, parallel programming) c) intelligent systems (ML and AI). Besides the three spines, our faculty work in interdisciplinary areas such as cyber physical systems, smart grids, which involve a wide range of problems related to data science, machine learning, distributed processing, security, etc.

The BTech curriculum is a unique combination of courses covering core fundamentals in computer science along with advanced topics aligned with the distinct research areas of our faculty. Moreover, the curriculum is updated on a regular basis to match the requirements of both academic research and the industry.

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