Vivek Mishra

Btech, Electrical Engineering

It is a great pleasure being a part of IIT Dharwad. I strongly believe that IIT Dharwad is the best among all new IITs. Peaceful atmosphere, pleasant climate and blowing wind year-round fills the campus with positive energy, making it the best place for study. We enjoy staying with students from various parts of India having different cultures. Students are very vibrant and competitive. Here studies are perfectly balanced with extra-curricular activities for the students to achieve an overall development. Cultural programs, student club activities, competitions, workshops and talks are regularly held here. Staff and TAs are always helpful. Professors here are experts in their respective fields and are very friendly. They provide the students with excellent technical knowledge. This backed by good labs, library and infrastructure by institute, ensures that students get best knowledge. Projects and research are encouraged by college. We have SHIFT lab run by students to make their own projects, funded by institute to get innovative approach of learning. At IIT Dharwad, students always find themselves in a pool of never ending opportunities!

Swapnik Jagarlapudi

CSE, BTech

IIT Dharwad is situated by the national highway at the outskirts of the city of Dharwad in the state of Karnataka. The mild atmosphere throughout the year and the greenery in the surroundings make it a pleasant place to live. It is a newly established institute, having only two batches with 227 students and a few PhD candidates. One thing that is different in a new institute from other established ones is the low number of students. Most people come to know each other and there is an atmosphere of friendliness and familiarity. It is also easier as a result to build a personal rapport with the professors and faculty, who are all supportive and helpful to the students and help them in any way they can. As there aren't as many students, it is also easier to approach professors and get their help, which is not something found in established institutes. This is my first time living away from home, however, I could adjust quickly the hostels are great and my room already feels like my second home. The mess committee has been working hard to ensure the quality and hygiene of the food and they have been doing a great job so far. I have learnt a lot of new things since joining IIT Dharwad. The most valuable thing, however, is that the system makes the student develop their ability to think for themselves - be it an exam or a lab session or just a lecture, the professors, who have a lot of experience working in their respective fields, impart their knowledge in a way that makes the student think for themselves and figure something out. Joining IIT Dharwad has undoubtedly been one of the best decisions I have taken.

K. Sai Anuroop

CSE, Btech

Wondering how life at a new IIT would be like? Then let me give you my perspective as I was having exactly the same thought last year before stepping into this institute. Hailing from a different place and adjusting to the college environment brings its own challenges. However, at IIT Dharwad, you would quickly adapt to the surroundings here. The climate of Dharwad is excellent. Especially, if you’re from a metro, you would really take a breath of fresh pollution-free air and find yourself a lot closer to the nature here. The student community here is quite vibrant, amicable and culturally diverse. There are different student clubs in which you could participate and engage in various activities. Sports facilities are coming up quickly and our teams have already represented IIT Dharwad in the Inter IIT Sports Meet 2017.
Let me tell you about the academics here. We are currently being taught by both the visiting professors from IIT Bombay and the permanent faculty of IIT Dharwad. Our academics include both theory and the concerned lab courses which go hand in hand. Academics are undoubtedly the best part of our IIT. The atmosphere here is such that you would really enjoy learning, both in and outside the classroom. You could even attend the invited lectures and workshops conducted here. The institute provides a great environment for the holistic development of students. I’ve given you a glimpse of life at IIT Dharwad. It’s really exciting to be an IITian here!

Ameya Vadnere

CSE Department

After spending almost a year here, I must say my decision to get admitted in IIT Dharwad wasn’t wrong. Being an institute of national importance, it provides top facilities to its students. The institute is being mentored by IIT Bombay, for the time being. The academic curriculum is framed in an appropriate way, suitable for imparting crucial technical knowledge to students. Emphasis is laid on developing a logical and innovative mind. Certain lab courses are included in the curriculum which provide invaluable hands-on experience. The labs are equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus. For students lagging in academics, there are faculty advisors assigned to each branch. We also have special lectures quite often delivered by well-versed professors on different topics like Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, History, Astrophysics, Quantum Mechanics, Linguistics, Literature, Socio-Economic issues, Counselling, etc. These lectures evoke curiosity in students’ minds. We also have interesting summer projects. The hostels and academic building have internet connection through Wi-Fi. The sports facilities are good and students can learn to play a sport they like. Hence the students get exposure to help them blossom their talents. Thus, IIT Dharwad has a plethora of things to do and learn. I recommend taking admission into IIT Dharwad.

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