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Dear Prospective Student,

Hearty congratulations for your excellent performance in JEE Main and JEE Advanced! We are eagerly waiting for welcoming you to IIT Dharwad. Please read on to know the salient features of IIT Dharwad designed to nurture your holistic growth.

Indian Institute of Technology Dharwad (IIT Dharwad) is an autonomous premier Science and Technology Institute established by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India in 2016 under the mentorship of IIT Bombay. Academic activities at IIT Dharwad commenced in July 2016 with B.Tech programmes being offered in three core branches, namely, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. IIT Dharwad now has 500 + students, 50+ faculty members, 50+ staff and 200+ alumni. IIT Dharwad benefits from the enthusiastic dynamism of young faculty members guided by many decades of experience from senior faculty members along with the expertise of many distinguished visiting professors from India and overseas. The faculty work together to create new and innovative academic programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels to shape the future of the workforce. The faculty also undertake high-quality funded research to tackle academic and applied problems.

The current campus is on the National Highway (NH-4) that connects Mumbai and Bengaluru. The campus is easy to be reached from any point in Dharwad and all the major facilities are within a 10 km radius from the present campus. IIT Dharwad is about 30 km away from Hubli airport, 75 km away from Belgavi (Belgaum) airport, 160 km away from Goa airport, 15 km away from Dharwad railway station, and 35 km away from Hubli railway station.


Dharwad, situated on relatively stable geological terrain and spread across seven hills, is a gateway between the plains in east and Western Ghats. Bearing a rich heritage of history dating back to the 12th century, Dharwad along with its twin city Hubballi is the second largest urban agglomeration in Karnataka. Serene and salubrious climate has fostered a very conducive environment for creative endeavors in music and literature. A cradle of Hindustani music, Dharwad has nurtured great artists like Gangubhai Hangal, Pt. Bheemsen Joshi, Sawai Gandharav, Basavaraj Rajaguru, Kumar Gandharva, and Mallikarjun Mansur. On the literary front, it was the home to Jnanapitha awardee D. R. Bendre, and nurtured Jnanpitha awardees like Vinayaka Krishna Gokak and Girish Karnad. Owing to its association with music and literature, the city and its inhabitants imbibe great reverence for education in their ethos resulting in it being the education hub of North Karnataka. This hub is further bolstered by establishment of institutes of national importance like IIT and IIIT. Located strategically between Silicon Valley of India-Bangalore- and financial capital of India-Mumbai, Dharwad is known as Pedha nagari, owing due to its world famous pedhas, and Vidya kashi, for its educational institutions.

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There are currently eight departments in the Institute.
They are:
A new B.Tech programme in Engineering Physics has been started from this year 2021. B.Tech. and MS programmes are offered by Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering. Doctoral programmes are offered by all Science (BSBE, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and HSS) and three engineering departments (CSE, EE and MMAE).

  • Hands-On Engineering: quick exposure to the latest/advanced technology/tool without compromising on the basic/required understanding.
  • Diversified Curriculum through One-Credit Courses: The Institute blends engineering, science and social science courses with short courses from performing arts, visual media, language communication and fine arts. One-credit courses in dance and music are part of the B.Tech curriculum from August 2018. A basket of new courses in photography, painting and foreign languages such as French, Japanese, German is also coming soon.
  • Holistic Learning Approach: IIT Dharwad believes in exposing young minds to a wide array of experiences that shape and reinvent their outlook to the world. A young student would find multiple creative and critical avenues on campus to explore such as Clay Modelling, Film Making, Astronomy Nights among others, that intend to expand the boundaries of learning itself. Students are allowed to take all their electives from any department in the Institute (subject to prerequisites) including basic sciences, humanities, other engineering departments etc.
  • Co-Op program: In this program, a student is allowed to do a project under the supervision of a faculty member at IIT Dharwad and a mentor from an industry. The motivation for the program is driven by the belief that engagement with state of the art (in industry/academia) complements student learning inside the Institute portals. IIT Dharwad aims to facilitate stronger interaction with the industry/academia for interested students (and through them, faculty).
  • The curriculum at IIT Dharwad is upgraded at regular intervals by subject experts keeping pace with changes in technology to suit the industry requirements. IIT Dharwad is also marching ahead in implementation of NEP 2020 by encouraging interdisciplinary interaction & research.

All B.Tech students are provided accommodation in student hostels. The hostels in the present campus are located in two areas: the first years’ hostel near the administrative building and the senior year hostels at the back of the campus. Boys and girls are provided separate hostels in the campus with dedicated security staff attending to the premises. The room allocation is done with a view to promote mingling of students from diverse backgrounds. Each hostel also has a faculty-warden assigned. The wardens hold regular interaction with students to address all matters related to living on the campus.

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IIT Dharwad Institute Innovation Council (IIC) is established to conduct various innovation and entrepreneurship related activities, and to systematically foster the culture of innovation in IIT Dharwad. Towards this aim it organises workshops, hackathons, seminars and arranges interactions with entrepreneurs, investors and professionals. It also works towards creation of a mentor pool for student innovators and envisages to develop a network with peers and national entrepreneurship development organisations.
The council currently consists of students, faculty and external members, headed by Prof. Raj Hirwani as the President, with Prof. Amar Gaonkar being the convener.

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Overview of the Library and Information Services of IIT Dharwad Library

The Library collection consists of nearly 4850+ books in various disciplines. These are arranged subject-wise. It has also acquired a few ISO standards (International Standards Organization) in digital form. At present, the main motto is to build up the Library collection such that it has information resources up to Ph.D. level, including advanced texts and reference materials.

IIT Dharwad is a Life Member of the prestigious “Current Science Association” of the “Indian Academy of Sciences”, and receiving the “Current Science” journal. It also receives some national newspapers and light reading magazines. Very soon, some popular S&T magazines will be at readers’ disposal, which will make young minds aware of recent happenings in the scientific world. Being a part of INFLIBNET -eShodhSindhu, the serious readers can access nearly 7000+ reputed E- Journals (Cambridge, Oxford University, Springer, T&F, etc.), Elsevier ScienceDirect 05 Subject Collection, Databases (MathSciNet, ACM Digital Library, IEEE Electronic Library, JSTOR, Project Muse, etc.) and Society Publications (ACS, AIP, APS, ASME, OSA, ACM, etc.) literature retrospectively. This collection is the bread-n-butter for the Institute’s research scholars and faculty members to quench their thirst for state-of-the-art knowledge.

Statistical Data of Library Inventory:

Sl. No. Description Nos
1 Print Books 4848
2 E-Textbooks
*Pearson India & McGraw Hill Education
3 E-Textbooks
*Pearson India & McGraw Hill Education
4 Print Journal
*Current Science
5 E-Journals 7000+
6 Digital Media 75
7 Databases 5
8 Standards 5
9 Plagiarism Detection Software
10 Newspapers (English) 2

Development of Industry and Academia Linkage at IIT Dharwad is a one-day event wherein gathering of eminent panelists on the campus to discuss the industry advances on the pre-decided topic(s). The program is organized by the undergraduate students and faculty advisor(s). The panel interactions, questions, and answers help students of IIT Dharwad to understand new technologies, operations, and career options for a given organization.
This is once in a year event and so far two editions (one in October 2018 and the other in April 2019) have been conducted at the campus. This year (2020 editions), DIAL-HR as a dialogue between students and HRs from selected organizations has been planned. DIAL 2018 edition, representatives from the following organization visited: (1) Intel, (2) McAfee, (3) NASSCOM, (4) IBM, (5) Amazon, (6) nVIDIA, (7) C-DAC Pune.
DIAL-ME 2019 edition, representatives from mechanical and aerospace organization visited: (1) Aques Aerospace, (2) ServoControls, (3) Airbus (former VP), (4) TATA, (5) Mobility Engineering, (6) ARAI Pune, (7) Ather Energy, (8) General Motors, (9) Fiat Chrysler Automobiles India.

The Karnataka Government has provided about 470 acres of land for the establishment of the permanent campus of IIT Dharwad, which is about 2-3 km away from the transit campus within the WALMI campus. IIT Dharwad has been working at an accelerated pace on campus development and establishment of infrastructure at the permanent campus site.

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To know the various scholarships and financial aid available at IIT Dharwad, please click here

IIT Dharwad offers National Sports Organization (NSO) Course for First-year students in Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball, and Yoga. The NSO program is an audit course, which is an academic requirement need to be passed by all the first-year students.
IIT Dharwad has a decent sports infrastructure in its transit campus. All Type V and Keeravani hostels have Table Tennis tables, Carom board, and Chess boards. The Institute has a common Athletics field/Cricket field, Football field/Hockey field, Basketball court, Tennis court, two Volleyball courts, and a Weight lifting room. IIT Dharwad also has a well-equipped Gym.
IIT Dharwad Sports contingent has been participating in the Inter IIT Sports Meet since 2016, having secured its first medal in Para-power lifting in 2018. IIT Dharwad with a strong contingent of 87 players had participated in Inter IIT Sports Meet which has been held at IIT Kharagpur and IIT Bhubaneswar in the month of December 2019 and given good fight in all the competitions by going up to semi-finals in few events, we also started participating in Inter IIT staff meet for the first time in 2019.
For the Physical wellness of every student, Inter-branch (General championship) and Inter Hostel sports meet are organized every year, and also March past competitions will be held in between departments on every Republic day.
In this pandemic situation, IIT Dharwad Sports Department had Started Online Yoga and Sports classes for every student and Fit India virtual and physical run and cyclothon events. IIT Dharwad Sports is supported by Three Assistant Sports Officer.

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The Student Mentorship Programme (SMP) at IIT Dharwad was initiated in September 2017 under the guidance of Prof. Vikram M. Gadre and Prof. Nityanand Prabhu from IIT Bombay. The objective of the programme is to provide guidance and invaluable support to the student community, both academically and non-academically and facilitate them with academic, personal and social growth.
The SMP currently at IIT Dharwad is headed by a faculty member, Prof. Gopal Sharan Parashari of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences followed by a Student Mentor Coordinator Prateek Jain and two Assistant Student Mentor Coordinators Gandra Joshitha and Gowri Y Subedar.
SMP comprises of
  1. The Institute Student Mentorship Programme(ISMP) Here, sophomore and junior students mentor the freshers joining the institute. The objective of this program is to provide guidance to the freshers, both academically and non-academically and facilitate their academic, personal and social growth. ISMP acts as a bridge connecting the freshmen and seniors, enabling mutual development and holistic learning.
  2. The Department Academic Mentorship Programme(DAMP) This program is a branch-wise mentoring of sophomores and juniors by their respective senior students. Here, the mentors disseminate information relating to their branch and guide their mentees about suitable choice of electives, prospective career options and choices, etc. This program also makes viable the possibility of across-branch mentoring to a certain extent.
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There is a Canara bank ATM in one of the hostel buildings. There is an SBI ATM near the main gate as well. There is a branch of Canara bank within two kilometers from the current campus.

IIT Dharwad has an elementary Health Care Centre which can provide primary health care in the campus. To address medical emergencies, the Institute has a full fledged Ambulance available 24 x 7 in the campus. Should there be any eventuality leading to hospitalisation requirement, the Institute has a group medical insurance policy for students to aid in the general hospitalisation expenses. The elementary health care centre at IIT Dharwad has two specialists on General medicine, a Psychiatrist, and a Clinical Psychologist/Counsellor.
Three Full time staff nurses (02 Male Nurses and 01 Female Nurse) are available 24x7 along with a well-equipped Ambulance at the centre. They assist in catering to medical emergencies at the campus. First aid Medical kit is available at Sports centre, Gymnasium and at each hostel. The ambulance staff also provides routine medical services such as checking temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar, oxygen level, nebulization, oxygen inhalation and dressing of wounds. IIT Dharwad also offers mental health support through app and workshop facilities of the organization Yourdost, besides consultation support from an in-house counsellor. A distressed student can also approach student mentors, wardens and teachers for any kind of assistance.
The Institute has an MoU with the super speciality, premier healthcare institution of the region Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Medical Science, Dharwad (SDM) to address the referral cases from the primary health care centre and secondary and tertiary health care requirements. The hospital is empaneled with the group medical insurance policy of students.

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Career Development Cell is a zestful student body responsible for Industry relations and Campus Placement/Internship at IIT Dharwad. The CDC assimilates three teams that synergistically strive for a successful placement and internship session every year. The three parts are:
Public Relations Team, which is the face of the institute that builds industry relations and invites new recruiters every year. It later ensures that the process of recruitment goes on smoothly inside IITDh.
Event Management Team, which organizes profuse events throughout the year to help students develop key non-technical skills. It also supervises the finances and budget of the CDC.
Technical Team that maintains and updates the website and social media handles of the CDC to create online awareness about IITDh and to relay information from the college to the students.
Apart from these responsibilities the CDC also endorses students who are aiming for further studies and assists them in their preparations for various entrance exams by providing a plethora of resources, conducting speaker sessions, and mock interviews. The CDC has successfully concluded the placement and internship session for the 2020 and 2021 batches respectively. Among 78 students who are qualified and appeared for the placements (in the class of 2020), 54 received placement offers. The CDC is now actively working on and is committed to having another successful year.

PARSEC, the Technology Festival of IIT Dharwad, aims to bring together the unparalleled experience of magnificent technologists and the innate curiosity of passionate students by providing a common platform to showcase their expertise and hone their skills. While there is no doubt that technology has taken magnanimous leaps in the past few decades, this fest ambitiously aspires to see its progress in parsecs in the near future.

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The Institute has many other technical and cultural events and clubs.
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