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Welcome to the Department of Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering (MMAE)

The Department of Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering (MMAE) was started as the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the year 2016, the same year of establishment of IIT Dharwad. The department is renamed in the year 2019. Since its inception, the Department has been offering a four-year B.Tech. programme in Mechanical Engineering at an undergraduate level. At the postgraduate level, the Department offers research programs such as M.S. (by Research) and Ph.D. programs.

The Department’s B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) curriculum offers a distinct combination of courses with sound conceptual understanding together with practice-oriented learning elements. The theoretical rigor is imparted from a selection of courses in basic sciences and interdisciplinary topics in addition to subjects from the core mechanical engineering curriculum, which are backed by an array of hands-on laboratory courses.

The list of laboratory courses as they appear in the present B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) curriculum is:

  1. Engineering Graphics Laboratory
  2. Hands-on Engineering Laboratory
  3. Chemistry Laboratory
  4. Physics Laboratory
  5. Computer Programming Laboratory
  6. Machine Drawing and 3D Modeling Laboratory
  7. Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
  8. Manufacturing Processes and Metrology Laboratory
  9. Strength of Materials Laboratory
  10. Mechanical Measurements Laboratory
  11. Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery Laboratory
  12. Heat Transfer Laboratory
  13. Manufacturing Processes Laboratory
  14. Applied Thermodynamics Laboratory

Apart from these laboratory courses, students are encouraged to do hands-on course projects and demonstrations during the theory courses.
For details regarding the presently prescribed credit structure for the BTech (Mechanical Engineering): click here

Several students from the recently graduated first batch of students were placed in core sector, PSUs and IT sector. Quite a few students from the first two batches are pursuing their Master's degree from the leading institutions in India and from abroad.

The faculty of the Department work on various core research areas and also on an expansive list of interdisciplinary research areas. The research areas of all institute faculty members are available here. The problem statements from domains such as materials (composites (Prof. Tejas Gotkhindi); plasticity (Prof. Rakesh Lingam)), and aerospace (CFD (Prof. Dhiraj Patil), aero-acoustics (Prof. Meenatchidevi Murugesan), and turbomachinery aerodynamics (Prof. Keerthi MC.)) are also tackled with enthusiastic undergraduate students and research scholars. The Department is poised to take on both global as well as local problems such as energy technologies for sustainable environment, healthcare and agricultural technologies, and other key needs of the nation.

For faculty details click here.

Amar Gaonkar
Assistant Professor amar.gaonkar@iitdh.ac.in View Profile
Dhiraj V. Patil
Associate Professor dhiraj@iitdh.ac.in View Profile
Hiranya Deka
Assistant Professor hdeka@iitdh.ac.in View Profile
Keerthi M C
Assistant Professor keerthi.mc@iitdh.ac.in View Profile
Meenatchidevi Murugesan
Assistant Professor murugesan@iitdh.ac.in View Profile
Nagesh R Iyer
Visiting Professor nageshiyer@iitdh.ac.in View Profile
Pradeep Yammiyavar
Adjunct Professor pradeepyammi@iitdh.ac.in View Profile
Rakesh Lingam
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Samarth S. Raut
Assistant Professor sraut@iitdh.ac.in View Profile
Sangamesh Deepak R
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Satyapriya Gupta
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Shrikanth V
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Somashekara M A
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Sudheer Siddapureddy
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Surya Prakash Ramesh
Assistant Professor surya@iitdh.ac.in View Profile
Tejas Prakash Gotkhindi
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Vidyadhar Y. Mudkavi
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Designation Name Email Area of Research Photo
PhD Yogesh S Thube 173031001@iitdh.ac.in Design
MS Vikash Kumar 201121002@iitdh.ac.in Manufacturing
PhD Shivakumar Kandre 183121004@iitdh.ac.in Design
PhD Mr. Saiyadali H Ladakhan 203121006@iitdh.ac.in Manufacturing
PhD Deepak Mudakavi 203121004@iitdh.ac.in Manufacturing
PhD Ajay C M 203121001@iitdh.ac.in Fluid-Thermal
PhD Akshay Desai 203121003@iitdh.ac.in Design
PhD Vishal Naik 183121005@iitdh.ac.in Design
PhD Heena Ismail shaikh 191121002@iitdh.ac.in Fluid-Thermal
PhD Venkatesha Timmanna 212031005@iitdh.ac.in Fluid-Thermal
PhD Umesh Maruti Khot 211031001@iitdh.ac.in Design
PhD Amit Anand 212031003@iitdh.ac.in Manufacturing
PhD Sujeet Kumar Jaiswal 202031007@iitdh.ac.in Fluid-Thermal
PhD Avinash Kumar K M 203121002@iitdh.ac.in Design
PhD Bathina Siva Kumar 173031002@iitdh.ac.in Fluid-Thermal
PhD Vikas R 203121005@iitdh.ac.in Fluid-Thermal
PhD Pramod Kumar Verma 212031001@iitdh.ac.in Design
MS Rajat Joshi 211032002@iitdh.ac.in Fluid-Thermal
MS Himanshu Pant 211032001@iitdh.ac.in Design
PhD Arun Pattanashetti 183121002@iitdh.ac.in Fluid-Thermal
MS Vivek Krishna 211031002@iitdh.ac.in Design
MS Rahul L. Maurya 201121001@iitdh.ac.in Design
PhD Karthik B K 183121003@iitdh.ac.in Design
PhD Arvind Raj Sakthivel 212031004@iitdh.ac.in Fluid-Thermal
PhD S.K. Lohith 183121001@iitdh.ac.in Design
MS Ajith Kumar Pogu 211031003@iitdh.ac.in Design
PhD Channaveera Shastry D M 212031006@iitdh.ac.in Fluid-Thermal
Designation Name Email Area of Research Photo
PhD Dr. Amitkumar S. Gawas 173031003@iitdh.ac.in Fluid-Thermal
M.S. Akshay U. Shirsat 191121001@iitdh.ac.in Fluid-Thermal
Designation Name Email Area of Research Photo
M.Tech Md Adam Yamin 223031006@iitdh.ac.in Mechanical Engineering
M.Tech Vaibhav Sharma 223031011@iitdh.ac.in Mechanical Engineering
M.Tech Ajay Kushwaha 223031002@iitdh.ac.in Mechanical Engineering
M.Tech Kondapalli Ravi Prabhakar 223031005@iitdh.ac.in Mechanical Engineering
M.Tech Suraj Kumar 223031010@iitdh.ac.in Mechanical Engineering
M.Tech Aishwary Singh 223031001@iitdh.ac.in Mechanical Engineering
M.Tech Hemant Kumar 223031003@iitdh.ac.in Mechanical Engineering
M.Tech Rajni Pandey 223031008@iitdh.ac.in Mechanical Engineering
M.Tech Sankalp Ashish 223031009@iitdh.ac.in Mechanical Engineering
M.Tech Kartikeya Kumar Singh 223031004@iitdh.ac.in Mechanical Engineering
M.Tech Achal H P 223031012@iitdh.ac.in Mechanical Engineering
M.Tech Arvind Singh Negi 223031013@iitdh.ac.in Mechanical Engineering
M.Tech Sivaraman S 223031014@iitdh.ac.in Mechanical Engineering
Laboratory name: Fluid Mechanics Lab

Laboratory type: Undergraduate course lab
Total number of active experiments: 13

List of experiments:
  1. a) Flow over a circular cylinder (Part A)
    b) Flow over a circular cylinder (Part B)
  2. Submerged non-impinging jets
  3. Characterization of a submerged axisymmetric air jet
  4. Visualization of flow around a cylinder placed inside a circular pipe
  5. Calibration of orifice-meter and Venturimeter
  6. Turbulent velocity profile in a circular pipe
  7. Osborne Reynolds experiment
  8. Stability of floating bodies
  9. Measurement of jet forces
  10. Vortex formation
  11. Bernoulli's principle
  12. Horizontal flow from a tank
  13. Pipe friction for laminar and turbulent flow

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Laboratory name: Manufacturing and Metrology Lab

Laboratory type: Undergraduate course lab
Total number of active experiments: 10

List of experiments:
  1. Manual turning
  2. Manual milling
  3. Shaping
  4. Radial drilling
  5. Introduction to moulding and casting process
  6. Calibration of measuring instruments
  7. Surface roughness measurement
  8. Angle measurement using sine bar
  9. Measurement of gear parameters
  10. Chip thickness measurement

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Laboratory name: Manufacturing processes Laboratory

Laboratory type: Undergraduate course lab
Total number of active experiments: 10

List of experiments:
  1. CNC Manual Program Milling
  2. CNC Manual Program Turning
  3. Eccentric Turning
  4. Introduction To Moulding And Casting Processes
  5. Limits, Fits, Tolerances And Gauges
  6. Arc And Gas Welding Process
  7. Digital Fabrication + Alignment Of Machine Tools
  8. Force Dynamometer-I (Cutting Forces In Turning Operation)
  9. Force Dynamometer-II (Cutting Forces In Milling And Drilling Operation)
  10. Term Project (Product Development)

Laboratory name: Strength of Materials lab

Laboratory type: Undergraduate course lab
Total number of active experiments: 18

List of experiments:
  1. Tensile test for Mild Steel, Cast Iron and Aluminium
  2. Compression test on Aluminium
  3. Diffused Light Polariscope: Calibration and SCF Determination
  4. Hardness testing: Rockwell, Vickers and Brinell testers
  5. Buckling of Strut
  6. Torsion of Circular shafts
  7. Izod and Charpy Impact test
  8. Unsymmetrical Bending
  9. Thin Pressure Vessel and Thick Cylinders Apparatus
  10. Deflection of Curved Beams
  11. Strain Gauge Training System
  12. Deflection of a Coil Spring and Leaf Spring
  13. Deflection of Beams (Solid and C-Shapes)
  14. Introduction of Metallographic Specimen Preparation
  15. Observe the Microstructure Using Metallurgical Microscope
  16. Stress And Strain Analysis on a Membrane
  17. Creep test
  18. Hertzian contact apparatus

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Laboratory name: Mechanical measurement laboratory

Laboratory type: Undergraduate course lab
Total number of active experiments: 9

List of experiments:
1 Exp. 1 - part a: Familiarisation with pc scope and bread board through rc circuit
part b: Basic working of instrumentation op amp (ina 129)
2 Exp. 2 - Dynamic response of a first order system using r-c circuit
3 Exp. 3 - Frequency response of a second order system using rlc circuit
4 Exp. 4 - part a: Application of op-amp as non-inverting amplifier
part b: Application of op-amp as inverting amplifier
part c: Application of op-amp as differential amplifier
5 Exp. 5 - part a: Operational amplifier as a differentiator
part b: Operational amplifier as integrator
part c: Generation of a custom signal (square wave) and study the response characteristics of rc circuit for this custom signal
6 Exp. 6 - part a: Static calibration of a k-type thermocouple
part b: Measurement of time constant of a thermocouple
part c: Application of op-amp as differential amplifier
7 Exp. 7 - part a: Measurement of mass flow rate by orifice meter
part b: measurement of blood pressure (systolic and diastolic pressure) using sphygmomanometer
8 Exp. 8 - part a: modelling of manometer as a second order system for step input
part b: measurement of blood pressure (systolic and diastolic pressure) using sphygmomanometer
9 Exp. 9 - Determination of gauge factor of strain gauge

List of experiments:
  1. Constant temperature hot water bath
  2. Screw compressor (0.25 kg/s at 10.5 bar)

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Laboratory name: Heat Transfer Lab

Laboratory type: Undergraduate course lab
Total number of active experiments: 12

List of experiments:
  1. Measurement of average heat transfer coefficient of axial flow over a bluff body confined in a circular pipe
  2. Natural convection heat transfer coefficient between air and ice slab
  3. Specific heat and thermal conductivity of given cylindrical material using Fourier law of conduction
  4. Specific heat and thermal conductivity of given Flat Plate material using Fourier law of conduction
  5. Temperature Distribution within the solid material by studying Transient Heat Conduction
  6. Measurement of Local Heat Transfer Distribution between smooth flat surface and impinging air jet from circular and rectangular straight pipe nozzles
  7. Determination of surface emissivity of a smooth flat surface coated with Matt finish black paint
  8. Calibration of IR Camera Using Blackbody Calibrator
  9. Heat conduction in material with non-homogeneous structure
  10. Heat transfer and fluid flow investigations in a counter flow tube-in-tube heat exchanger
  11. Measurement of Surface Temperature and Emissivity of different materials by Two-Colour Pyrometry
  12. Measurement of Local Heat Transfer Distribution in Smooth Square Channel Using Thin Metal Foil Technique and Thermal Imaging
List of experiments:
  1. Black body calibrator
  2. IR camera

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Laboratory name: Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines laboratory

Laboratory type: Undergraduate course lab
Total number of active experiments: 15

List of experiments:
  1. Characteristics of Grashof and Non-Grashof linkages.
  2. Assessment of Degree of Freedom (DOF)
  3. Straight Line motion Mechanisms
  4. To find Instantaneous Center of rotation for a given Mechanism
  5. Write a MATLAB Program for a Spur Gear Profile.
  6. Study of Sewing Machine and its mechanisms
  7. Construction and Working of Engine Block, Gearbox and Differential Mechanism
  8. Pendulum
  9. Spring Mass System.
  10. Bifilar / Trifilar Suspension Apparatus
  11. Whirling Shaft Apparatus Universal
  12. Balancing of Rotating Masses
  13. Balancing of Reciprocating Engine
  14. Free and Damped Torsional Vibration
  15. Undamped and Damped Vibration.

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Laboratory name: Applied Thermodynamics Lab

Laboratory type: Undergraduate course lab
Total number of active experiments: 13

List of experiments:
  1. Performance and Emission characteristics of SI engine
  2. Performance and Emission characteristics of CI engine
  3. Laminar to turbulent transition in coflow non-premixed flame (overall flame structure and velocity profile measurement at the exit)
  4. Assessment of centrifugal pump characteristics Discharge and head of two pumps connected in series or parallel
  5. Discharge coefficients for industry scale orifice and venturimeter
  6. Performance of hydraulic turbines (Pelton wheel, Kaplan and Francis)
  7. Performance of flat plate (water/air heaters) and parabolic trough solar collectors
  8. Combustion characteristics of fluidized bed coal combustor
  9. Characterization of liquid pool fire (mass burning rate and flame height)
  10. Experiments with table top steam and gas turbine power plants
  11. Experiments with table top refrigeration and air conditioning systems
  12. Experiments with small scale wind turbine
List of experiments:
  1. 2D laser doppler velocimetry system
  2. Various data acquisition systems with LabVIEW licence

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