Information to 1st Year B.Tech./BS-MS Students

JEE-Advanced 2023

  1. Orientation Program for B.Tech/BS-MS 2023Click here
  2. Offer Letter & Fee Circular - JEE (Advanced) 2023 Qualified Candidates.Click here
  3. Important Instructions for First-Year Undergraduate Students - 2023 Batch (JEE-Advanced 2023 Qualified).Click here
  4. Information on IIT DHARWAD, UG Programs, Placement, Branch Change, Minor Degree Programs etc. Click here
  5. Information on Gymkhana. Click here

Information to Preparatory Course Students

JEE-Advanced 2023

  1. Offer Letter & Fee Circular - JEE (Advanced) 2023 Qualified - Preparatory Course StudentsClick here
  2. Important Instructions for Preparatory Course Students.Click here

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